• Bienvenidos a la clase de español
    Señora Yanch
    8th Grade Curriculum

    I. Review 4 weeks of 7th grade

    II. Chapter 6.
    A. Family
    B.& C. Rooms of the house
    C. Chores (add vocab its not in the book)

    D. Possessive Adjectives

    E. Tener

    F. Go-go verbs
    III. Chapter 7.
    A. Sports
    B. Jugar

    C. Stem Changing verbs (all)

    IV. Chapter 8.
    A. Health & Body
    B. Tener Expressions

    C. Reflexive Verbs
    V. Chapter 11 & 13 -
    A. Travel by Train and Plane
    VI. Professions (not in book)
    VII. Chapter 5 & 14 - 8 weeks

    A. Restaurant

    B. Food

    C. Numbers 101-100,000,000

    IX. Chapter 9 & 10
    A. Preterite & Leisure

    -ar   -er  -ir -IR/SER

    B. Leisure Activities

    -movie vocab from Ch. 10