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    H.B. Mattlin Middle School & Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School

    Parent Chat Q & A


    1.      Q: Are there opportunities for students to play sports before 7th and 8th grade?

    A: Yes.  We have an intramurals program which is an “open gym” available for our students in 5th through 8th grades. Intramurals is available on varying days throughout the year. The dates can be found on the school’s website, in the daily announcements and on the PTA website.


    2.      Q: How do we find out about the clubs being offered?

    A: Each school’s website will have a list of the clubs. The list can also be found on the PTA website. A monthly club calendar with all of the club meeting dates will be posted on the website as well. If there are changes to the schedule, they will noted in the daily announcements. Students will be able to find out about the clubs that are being offered at the club fair which is held at the beginning of the school year. Students may join a club at any point in the school year.  


    3.      Q: Can you tell us a little about MAP (Middle School Advisory Program)?

    A:  Students will meet with their MAP (Middle School Advisory Program) group for 10 minutes each morning. Once a month students will have an extended MAP that lasts 26 minutes. The extended time allows for lengthier individual or school wide activities. MAP provides students with the opportunity to make connections across grade levels. Announcements are made during this time and attendance is taken. Students and will stay with their group for all four years of their middle school experience. 


    4.      Q: Do all students have cell phones? What is the cell phone policy?

    A: No, all students do not have cell phones. If a student brings a cell phone to school, it must remain in their locker and be powered off. Cell phone use is permitted before school, after school, and during lunch if necessary. There are phones located in the main office, house offices at Mattlin Middle School and the nurse’s office for students to use if they need to.  


    5.      Q: What kind of groups do the Guidance Counselors run?

    A: The groups that are offered vary each year depending on the needs of the children. Groups will usually start by the end of September or middle of October. Counselors will create groups based on student self-referral as well as recommendations from parents and teachers. Group participation is not required, although students will be strongly encouraged to attend if there is a particular need or concern.  

    Some examples of groups that have run in the past are:

    Stress management - learn strategies to cope with stress

    Friendship group - learn ways to make new friends

    Social skills - learn and practice social skills in a controlled environment

    Bereavement - support group for students who have lost a loved one

    Changing families – students who come from families of divorce/separation

    New student - familiarize new students with the Middle School

    Relational aggression - learn and utilize strategies for positive communication

    Organization - learn helpful organizational skills

    Study skills - learn helpful study tips and strategies

    Time management - learn effective time management strategies

    Decision making - learn and practice effective decision making skills

    Public speaking - learn helpful skills for public speaking


    6.      Q: Do students have Project Challenge in 5th grade?  How do Project Challenge students make up the work they miss?

    A: Project Challenge does continue in 5th and 6th grade.  The students touch base with their teacher about the classes they will be missing. They are responsible to make up the work.  In 7th grade, We offer a Project Challenge extension program which is offered one period every other day for the whole school year.


    7.      Q: What happens on Locker Move-In Day?  What if we cannot come in that day?

    A: Locker Move-In Day is an opportunity for students to get settled ahead of the first day of school. They can practice their combinations and put all of their supplies in their locker. If your child cannot attend on move-in day, please contact the Main or Guidance office. Students should not share their combination with any of their friends. Each student’s combination is available on Infinite Campus so teachers, main office staff, and the guidance counselor will have access to the combination in case the student forgets.


    8.      Q: Will my child have the same Guidance Counselor for all four years?

    A: Yes your child’s counselor will loop with him/her through all four years of middle school.


    9.      Q: What if my child needs help with organization and time management?

    A: Please contact your child’s guidance counselor or classroom teachers for assistance. They can meet with your child either individually or as part of a group to work on organization and time management skills.


    10. Q: Will students be provided with a supply list?

    A: Yes, students will be provided with a supply list. The list will be posted to the website when it is complete.


    11. Q: Who do I notify if my child has allergies?

    A: If your child has allergies, please reach out to your school nurse directly. The middle school nurses will articulate with the feeder elementary schools before the start of the school year to find out about students with medical concerns. If your child carries an EpiPen, they should be brought to the school nurse at the beginning of the school year. If your child has a nut allergy, there are nut-free tables available in the lunch room.


    12. Q: What does my child need to be prepared for Physical Education?

    A: Students will be assigned a gym locker but they are responsible for bringing in their own lock. At Mattlin, students are required to wear dark bottoms (shorts or pants) and a light colored top. At POB, students are required to wear a white top and navy bottoms (shorts or pants).


    13. Q: What are the Pick Up and Drop Off procedures?

    A: Mattlin – All students should be dropped off in the A-House Loop. All vehicles entering the campus must do so via Washington Avenue. In the afternoon, pick up will take place in the Downtown loop. All vehicles entering the campus must do so via Iris Drive.

    POB – All students should be dropped off and picked up at the Central Park Road semi-circle. Only buses are permitted in the Southern Parkway drop off circle during school hours.


    14. Q: How is the 5th grade structured?

    A: There are four teams in Grade 5. Each team is made up of two teachers. Students will travel through the day with their class.


    15. Q: What is H.B. Mattlin PRIDE?

    A: H.B. Mattlin PRIDE is a character education program for our students.  The acronym stands for Personal Best, Respect, Impulse Control, Decision Making, and Empathy. 


    16. Q: What are the POBMS Hawkeyes?

    A: The Hawkeyes are a group of helpful 7th & 8th grade students who have been selected by their peers. Hawkeyes have been trained to be a resource for students who have questions and concerns and would rather discuss them with another student rather than an adult. Students are encouraged to reach out to the Hawkeyes during MAP or by filling out an appointment pass in the Guidance Office.


    17. Q: Should I join the PTA?

    A: Yes, parents are strongly encouraged to join the PTA. The PTA will send out a daily email with important information and updates. The PTA website is a great resource where parents can access daily announcements, club information, and information about all school related events.


    18. Q: What classes or activities are offered during 0 period and 9th period?

    A: Both middle schools will offer clubs and some music rehearsals on designated days during 0 period. Remedial/extra help and some music rehearsals will be offered on designated days during 9th period.


    19. Q: When is the School Store open? What do they sell?

    A: At POB, the store is open during period 9 on designated days. At Mattlin, the store is open during period 6. At times, the school store sets up in the cafeteria during period 9 to sell snacks. Both stores sell snacks and select school supplies.


    20. Q: When is the Library open?

    A: The library is open for classroom visits. In addition, the library is open to students on most days during lunch and period 9.