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    Newsday's All-Long Island Team

    ***= Newsday  Player of the Year
    **= Newsday Coach of the Year
    Year   Name   Sport Team
    2017-2018 Nick Galasso Boys' Volleyball 1st Junior
      Mike Biscardi Boys' Volleyball 2nd Junior
      Jessica Lopez  Gymnastics 2nd Team Senior
      Miranda Lund*** Gymnastics 1st Team Senior
      Mark Faello Baseball 1st Team Senior
     2016-2017 Daniel Kim*** Boys' Volleyball 1st Senior
       Ethan Klein Boys' Volleyball 1st Senior
       Russi Villalta** Boys' Volleyball 1st  
        Peter Pappas Wrestling  1st Senior
      Miranda Lund Gymnastics 1st Junior
       Yuval Solomon*** Boys' Tennis 1st Senior 
       Mark Faello Baseball  1st Junior 
     2015-2016 David Geyer Boys' Soccer 1st Senior
      Daniel Kim Boys' Volleyball 2nd Junior
      Brain Maloney*** Boys' Volleyball 1st Senior
       Maria Coniglio Girls' Volleyball   2nd Senior
      Miranda Lund*** Gymnastics 1st  Sophomore
      Renee Vulin Gymnastics 1st Sophomore
      Yuval Solomon*** Boys' Tennis 1st Junior
    Bryan Wang  Boys' Volleyball 1st Senior
      Allen Durutovic Boys' Volleyball 1st Senior
      Dan Kwon Boys' Volleyball 2nd Senior
      Jessica Lopez Gymnastics 1st Freshman
      Ashley Bellino Gymnastics 2nd Freshman
      Peter Papas Wrestling 2nd Sophomore
      Yuval Solomon*** Boys' Tennis 1st Sophomore
     2013-2014 Miranda Lund  Gymnastics  1st 8th 
       Allen Durutovic Boys' Volleyball 2nd Junior 
     2012-2013 Josh Young  Boys' Tennis 2nd Senior
      Yuval Solomon  Boys' Tennis  2nd 8th 
      Jessica Lopez Gymnastics  1st  7th 
      Melissa Kropf Gymnastics  1st  Senior 
     2011-2012 Noah Smitelli  Boys' Volleyball  1st Senior 
       Matthew Farber *** Boys' Bowling  1st Senior 
       Jordan Sack Gymnastics  2nd Freshman 
       Melissa Kropf Gymnastics  2nd  Junior 
     2010-2011 Melissa Kropf  Gymnastics  2nd Sophomore
      Jordan Sack  *** Gymnastics 1st 8th
      Matthew Farber Boys' Bowling  1st Junior
      Evan Schwartz Boys' Basketball  2nd  Senior 
     2009-2010 Greg Rankell  Boys' Volleyball  1st Senior 
       Jordan Lefkowitz Boys' Volleyball  1st Senior 
       Debbie Rut Gymnastics  Head Coach   
    2008-2009 Rebecca Feinman  Gymnastics  1st 8th 
       Josh Katten Boys' Tennis  1st Senior 
       Colin Morgenstern Boys' Tennis  1st Senior 
     2007-2008 Evan Russel  Football  1st Team  Senior 
     2005-2006 Kyle Stewart Football  2nd Team  Senior 
     2003-2004 Jason Appel  Baseball  1st Team  Senior 
     2003  Justin Lerner Football  2nd Team  Senior 
     2001-2002 Dan Kramer  Boys' Soccer  1st Team  Senior 
     1973-1974 Mark Iavaroni  Boys' Basketball  1st Team  Senior 
     1971-1972 Brad Greenberg  Boys' Basketball  1st Team  Senior