New POBCSD E-mail Link

    Prior to clicking on the “New POBCSD E-mail Link” indicated above, please read the important information below that will assist you in accessing and viewing your district e-mail account


    I am pleased to inform our scheduled district network maintenance work and mailbox upgrades on all district-wide user accounts have been completed at this time. 


    Please note the following useful information regarding your upgraded POBCSD district e-mail user account:



    To access your district e-mail account from your web browser, you can continue to go to our district homepage located at www.pobschools.org and use the “District E-mail” link located under the “For Staff” drop down menu after this notice is removed.  Please note it is ok to click on the word “proceed” or “continue” if you receive any security alerts at this time. (Note: This security alert is temporary as we complete our final upgrade procedures over the next two days.)



    Follow the directions on the new login screen. Use the default “This is a public or shared computer” option - enter your username (for example pob\glodico), and password - and again, click on the word “continue” if you encounter any security alert.  (Note: This security alert is temporary as we complete our final upgrade procedures over the next two days.)



    Once logged into your district user account, you will see the following menu located at the top center of your e-mail box   [New – Delete – Move - Filter – View]                                                                               

    next – click on the word “View” from the menu and then click on the words “User Conversationsto remove the checkmark if you prefer to see all of your incoming e-mail listed individually as opposed to grouping by conversation (you can select and deselect on this option to see the difference).

    ·        FUNCTIONALITY

    All other functions, related to creating a new e-mail, deleting, etc. will look very similar to your prior e-mail box version.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your building computer aide and/or our office @ 349-7532 if you require assistance.


     You will find an e-mail attachment that will provide you with a three page step-by-step document with the configuration settings you will need to change on your Smartphone and/or tablet device in addition to detailed instructions on how to configure your device to connect to our district e-mail server.  Please note, since there may be configuration idiosyncrasies in various proprietary devices, if you have any difficulty configuring your Smartphone and/or tablet after following the attached instructions, please contact your service provider and provide them with the indicated configuration settings so that they can better assist you.  If you continue to have difficultly after contacting your service provider please contact my office at 349-7532 so we can further assist. 


    We will continue to provide helpful district e-mail account tips and recommendations to make your user experience as seamless and productive as possible.


    Thank you, Guy A. Lodico

    Guy A. Lodico

    Director of Technology

    Plainview-Old Bethpage School District

    PHONE: 516.349.7532   FAX: 516.349.7397 

    E-MAIL: glodico@pobschools.org   WEB SITE: www.pobschools.org