• Welcome to my web page.  My name is Dr. Gloria Rothenberg and I will be joining the staff of JFK High School in September, 2013 as a School Psychologist.  I have been a member of the Psychology Department since 1999 and have worked at the Kindergarten Center and Parkway Elementary School as well as assisting with the Committee on Preschool Special Education and students placed in K-12 out of district programs. 

    High school can be an exciting time, full of opportunities to learn new skills, broaden your perspective, make new friends, and expand your independence.  Of course, there are also many challenges as courses get harder, the distractions of social life become more involved, decisions about college and your future take shape, and responsibilities become bigger and more real. 

    Many people focus on the stresses placed on teenagers in contemporary society and the complexities of growing up in our "digital age."  We all experience stress.  The trick is how we manage it or "bounce back" from adversity.  In fact, a national Public Education Campaign of the American Psychological Association uses the metaphor of "bouncing back" from stress as a central concept in their Resilience Program.  Keep reading for important messages from the Campaign on what you can place in your "Bounce Back Ball."