•  Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District

    Mandarin Chinese - Grade 4

    Grade Level Expectations

    Chinese Dragon  
    View the Course Calendar for Grade 4 here: Course Calendar-Grade 4

    At the end of Grade 4 students will be able to:


    ·Hold conversations using common expressions in classroom such as:

    o  Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m sorry. It’s okay. Welcome. Please come in. Raise your hand, please. Listen carefully. Be quiet, please. No talking.

    ·Ask and answer questions about common classroom objects

    ·Locate key geographical features on the map of China

    o  Yangzi River, Yellow River, Great Wall, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan

    ·Engage in conversations about asking and expressing feelings and emotions:

    o  Hot, cold, hungry, full, thirsty, happy, sad, afraid, tired, worried, lonely, nervous, comfortable, not comfortable, silly, proud, excited, angry

    o  How are you feeling today? I’m… / I feel…

    ·Name and identify gift items for the holiday season:

    o  Basketball, ice-skates, skateboard, story books, clothes, watch, earrings, necklace, electronic games

    o  What would you want? I want… I want to give (something) to (someone).

    ·Name and identify some popular foods found on a Chinese menu:

    o  Water, tea, soda, coke, juice, egg drop soup, wonton soup, sweet and sour soup, beef with broccoli, chicken with broccoli, sesame chicken, sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour rib, dumplings, rice, ice cream, fruits

    o  What do you like to eat/drink?  I would like to eat/drink…



    ·Read and tell about China’s first and greatest teacher – Confucius and learn about some of his famous quotes

    ·Identify a few Chinese inventions:

    o  Compass, paper, gun powder, printing, abacus, tea making

    o  What are the inventions in China? There are/There is…