• Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District

    Mandarin Chinese - Grade 3

    Grade Level Expectations


    View the Course Calendar for Grade 3 here: Course Calendar- Grade 3

    At the end of Grade 3 students will be able to:


    ·Participate in class activities using the words in the classroom such as:

    o  Classroom, teacher, schoolmates, desk, chair, backpack, pencil, book, notebook, crayon

    o  What is this/that? This is… That is…

    ·Translate dates from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese

    o  Students say their birthday in Chinese

    o  Months and dates 

    ·Compare birthday celebrations in China and in America

    o  Peach, noodles, cake, balloon, candle

    o  Happy Birthday

    ·Use body parts vocabulary in the context of expressing hurt:

    o  Head, eye, ear, shoulder, knee, leg, hand, stomach, back

    o  pain (hurt), what’s wrong?

    ·Use adjectives to describe themselves, family members and friends:

    o  Smart, brave, pretty, honest, humorous, friendly, cute, quiet, active, hardworking, obedient, polite

    o  I am…/ He/she is… My (family member) is …

    ·Identify 10 country names, locate countries in the world map

    o  USA, China, England, Japan, Mexico, Italy, France, Korea, Germany, Russia

    o  I want to go to../ I don’t want to go to…


    ·Retell the legend about the Moon Lady, Chang E

    ·Name 2 traditions related to the Moon Festival