• Upcoming Events 
    Back to School Night
    -7:00 on September 13th for 5th and 6th grade parents
    -7:00 on September 15th for 7th and 8th grade parents
    5th Grade BBQ (during school day): 
    -September 16th  
    Club Fair: 
    -September 20th, Period 9 
    P.R.I.D.E. Night:
    -7:00 on October 28th  
     Career Fair:
    -November 18th at Mattlin Middle School 
    -April 28th at POB Middle School 
    Parent Teacher Conferences:
    -November 30th for 5th - 8th grade parents (last names L-Z)
    -December 7th for 5th - 8th grade parents (last names A-K)
    Parent Transition Meetings:
    -7:00 on January 4th at POB JFK High School for Incoming Grade 9 Parents
    -7:00 on January 10th for Incoming Grade 8 Parents
    -7:45 on March 6th for Incoming Grade 7 Parents
    -6:30 on March 6th for Incoming Grade 6 Parents 
    -7:00 on May 10th for Incoming Grade 5 Parents