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    The best way to contact me is through email, at mloicano@pobschools.org.  You may also contact me through the main office of Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School, at 516-434-3308.
    Independent Reading Requirement:  
    In each of the four quarters, students are required to independently read at least 800 pages of text, but may choose from a variety of texts, such as novels, magazines, news articles, religious texts, graphic novels, and others if approved by the instructor.  Students must log their reading on a reading log graphic organizer, which is then turned in at the end of each quarter.  The reading log can be found on our Google Classroom page, and should be turned in on Google Classroom as well.
     Important Announcements & Upcoming Major Assignments: 


    4th Quarter reading log due Monday, June 19th. 

    Tuesday, June 19th,

    Final Exam Locations:

    Period 1 - Room 325

    Period 2 - Room 319

    Period 6 - Room 321

    Period 7 - Room 323 
    Classwork and Homework Updates:
    **Please Note: This information is updated as frequently as possible, but may not necessarily include all classwork and homework assignments.***  

    6.14.17 - Aim: To review for the final exam.  HW: Q4 reading log due by next Monday, June 19th, at 8:40 AM 


    6.12.17 - Aim: To complete the Feature Article final draft and turn it into Google Classroom.  HW: Article final draft due by tomorrow at 8:40 AM 


    6.8.17 - Aim: To go over the works cited page, and to continue rough drafting the feature article.  HW: Continue working on the rough draft.  The final draft is due next Tuesday, June 13th, by 8:40 AM.  The actual assignment has been posted. 


    6.7.17 - Aim: To continue rough drafting the feature article.  HW: Continue working on the rough draft.  The final draft is due next Tuesday, June 13th.  The actual assignment has been posted. 


    6.6.17 - Aim: To continue rough drafting the feature article.  HW: Continue working on the rough draft.


    6.5.17 - Aim: To begin/continue rough drafting the feature article.  HW: Continue working on the rough draft.  


    6.2.17 Aim: Continuing the feature article project.  HW: By Monday, you must have a definite topic, three definite subtopics, and appropriate quotes to work into your rough draft. 

    6.1.17  Aim: To begin writing the feature article.  HW: Continue to look through your research to find helpful quotes, and continue to write your article rough draft.
    5.31.17  Aim: What are the characteristics of a feature article?  HW: Continue reading through your research and gathering useful quotes.  Tomorrow, you will begin actually writing the article in class.
    5.30.17 - Aim: One last day of research gathering in class.  HW: By tomorrow, be sure to have a definite topic, as well as at least three reliable resources for information. 

    5.26.17 - Aim: To continue gathering research for the Feature Article project. HW: By Monday, you should have a definite topic chosen, and have collected and read through some research.


    5.25.17 - Aim: To understand the Feature Article assignment, and continue doing some research. HW: Continue researching.  Find some topics that interest you.  Bring in your copy of The Outsiders, and the rubric sheet for the essay. 

    5.24.17 - We meet in the library to go over the process and resources of gathering research.

    5.23.17 - Aim: To complete and submit the final draft of the essay.  HW: Meet in the library tomorrow.  Bring your Chromebook with you.


    5.22.17 - Aim: To continue the rough draft and/or begin editing and revising to create the final draft.  HW: The final draft is due this Wednesday at 8:40 AM.  If you feel you will not be done by then only working in class today and tomorrow, then you must work on the essay from home. 


    5.17.17 - Aim: To continue the rough draft.  HW: Independent reading.  Thinking about essay.  Working on essay (optional). 


    5.16.17 - Aim: To begin the rough draft of the essay.  HW: Continue independent reading.  Devote some thought to how you might continue your essay tomorrow. 


    5.10.17 - Aim: The final SRI of the year!  Then, when you are done, silently work on the graphic organizer for the essay. 


    5.9.17 - Aim: We will begin the pre-writing phase of the essay on The Outsiders.  HW: Re-read the documents I posted today.  Make sure you fully understand this assignment.  If anything is unclear, ask me about it next class. 


    5.8.17 - Aim: We will review the study guide for chapters 10-12.  HW: Complete the study guide and quote journal for chapters 7-12 by tomorrow. 

    5.5.17 - HW: Due TUESDAY, May 9th - Complete the study guide for chapters 10-12, and the quote journal for chapters 7-12.  

    5.4.17 - Aim: We will read the final chapter in The Outsiders.  HW: Due TUESDAY, May 9th - Complete the study guide for chapters 10-12, and the quote journal for chapters 7-12. 


    5.3.17 - Aim: We will read chapter 11, and continue the quote journal.


    5.2.17 - Aim: We will finish reading chapter 10, and begin the quote journal work. 

    5.1.17 - Aim: We will review chs. 8 & 9, and begin ch. 10 if time allows. 
    4.28.17 - We will compare the film version of The Outsiders with the novel.  HW: Ch.9, along with the ch. 9 study guide and quote  journal. 

    4.27.17 - Aim: We will review the chapter 8 study guide, then begin chapter 9. HW: Finish reading chapter 9, and complete the study guide and quote journal by Monday 

    4.26.17 - Vocabulary quiz and working on chapter eight of The Outsiders.   HW: Complete the chapter 8 study guide and quote journal

    4.25.17 - Aim: We will review Ch. 7, and begin Ch. 8 if time allows.  HW: Study for tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz (chs. 7-9 words).  Complete chapter 8, study guide and quote journal by Thursday. 


    4.24.17  Aim: We will read chapter seven in The Outsiders.  HW: Complete the Ch. 7 study guide and quote journal (you may have to unsubmit to continue working on the document).  Study for vocabulary quiz on WEDNESDAY! 

    4.21.17 - Test on the first half of The Outsiders

    4.20.17 - Aim: We will review for tomorrow’s major test.  HW: Study for the test, and turn in the Qtr. 3 reading log. 


    4.19.17 - Aim: We will review the vocabulary homework, and begin the test review if time allows.  HW: Study for Friday’s test.  Reading logs due Friday. 


    4.18.17 - Aim: We will work on the next round of vocabulary words.  HW: Complete the vocabulary assignment if necessary, study for Friday’s major test on The Outsiders 


    4.17.17 - Aim: We will read chapter six.  HW: Complete the study guide (Google Classroom), and the quote journal for chapter six.  Turn in both on Google Classroom. AND Independent reading due by Friday

    4.6.17 - Aim: We will analyze and interpret the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” by Robert Frost.  HW: Complete poem analysis handout if necessary. 

    4.5.17 - Aim: We will review Ch. 5 and catch up on the quote journal.  HW: Complete the ch. 5 quote journal if necessary.  


    4.4.17 - Aim: We will present our social justice slideshows.  HW: Read chapter 5, and complete the study guide.  You do not have to complete the quote journal tonight, but you will eventually. 

    4.3.17 - Review of Ch. 4 in The Outsiders   HW - Independent reading
    3.31.17 - Field Trip Day

    3.30.17 - Aim: Continuing the Social Justice project.  HW: For Monday: read chapter 4, complete the study guide and quote journal.  Expect a reading check quiz.


    3.29.17 - Aim: Continuing the Social Justice project. HW: Ind. Rdg. 


    3.28.17 - Aim: We will begin a project on heroes of social justice.  HW: Continue independent reading.


    3.27.17 - Aim: We will review chapter three of The Outsiders.  HW: Catch up on independent reading, and/or anything you might be behind on.  


    3.24.17 - Aim: Review ch. 2 & study guide, and quote journal chs. 1 & 2.  HW: Read chapter three, complete study guide and quote journal.  Expect a reading-check quiz.


    3.23.17 - Aim: We will begin chapter two of  The Outsiders.  HW: Finish reading chapter two, and complete the study guide and quote journal. 


    3.22.17 - Aim: We will create visualizations of the main characters in The Outsiders.  HW:   Catch up on independent reading. 


    3.21.17 - Aim: We will review Ch. 1, the study guide, and the quote journal.  HW: Complete the Ponyboy Graphic organizer if necessary.


    3.20.17  - AIM: REVIEW CH. 1 & Study guide, understand and begin QUOTE JOURNAL.  HW: Complete quote journal if necessary. 


    3.16.17 - Aim: Vocabulary quiz.  HW: Independent reading

    3.15.17 - Aim: To prepare for tomorrow’s vocabulary quiz with a fun activity. HW: Study for tomorrow’s quiz

    3.13.17 - Aim: We will review the vocabulary homework.  HW: Study for quiz on Thursday. 
    3.10.17 - Aim: In anticipation of the start of reading The Outsiders, We will view a documentary on the impact gang life has on people in various stations in society.

    3.9.17  Aim: We will view background notes on the author of The Outsiders, as well as the novel itself, and begin the next vocabulary assignment.  HW: By Monday, complete the vocabulary assignment for chapters 4-6 of the novel.  

    3.8.17 - Exploring the issues in The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton 
    3.7.17 - Vocabulary quiz 
    3.6.17 - Working on reading comprehension skills.

    3.3.17 - Aim: We will take a listening quiz on S.E. Hinton, the author of The Outsiders.  HW: Have a good weekend, and remember to read something. 


    3.2.17 - Aim: To express our thoughts and feelings on a few controversial topics.  HW: Complete the handout if necessary.  Study for Tuesday’s vocabulary quiz. 


    3.1.17 - Aim: We will finish the presentations, then review yesterday’s vocabulary assignment.  HW: Study the vocabulary words for a quiz next Tuesday.  If you borrowed your Literature Circle book, please bring it in to return tomorrow.


    2.28.17 - Aim: To complete a vocabulary activity for chapter one of The Outsiders.  HW: Complete the vocabulary assignment.  Turn in through Google Classroom.

    2.27.17 - Aim: To present the group projects on the Literature Circle titles.  HW: Be sure to have Chromebooks and independent reading with you tomorrow.
    2.17.17 - Projects presented 
    2.16.17 - Projects Continued  
    2.15.17 - Projects Continued 

    2.14.17 - Aim: We will continue creating the Literature Circle Presentation Project.  HW: Turn in presentations, and be ready to present, by Friday.  

    2.13.17 - Aim: We will look at the Literature Circle Project assignment, and begin preparations for its creation.  HW: Presentations will be on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Be sure you’re ready to present by then. 


    2.10.17 - Snow Day

    2.9.17 - Snow Day

    2.8.17 - Aim: To continue the early work on the Literature Circle Project.  HW: Have your literature circle books with you every day.  Finish the literature circle worksheets, as well as the book itself, by next Monday.


    2.7.17 - Aim: To continue the early work on the Literature Circle Project.  HW: Have your literature circle books with you every day.  Finish the literature circle worksheets, as well as the book itself, by next Monday. 

    2.6.17 - Aim: To catch up on some reading.  HW: Have your literature circle books with you every day.  Finish the literature circle books by next Monday. 

    2.2.17 - Aim: To review the midterm, and share our homework responses.  HW: Have Literature Circle book on Monday.  Finish reading Literature Circle books by Monday, Feb. 13th 


    2.2.17 - Aim: To analyze an aspect of the short story, “The Third Level.”  HW: Complete the writing assignment if necessary


    2.1.17 - Aim: To read, analyze, and understand a short story.  HW: Complete the reading and questions if necessary. 


    1.31.17 -Aim: To analyze an aspect of “The Open Window.”  HW: Finish today’s writing if necessary. Using evidence from the text of “The Open Window,” analyze the character of Vera.  What kind of person is she?  How does she successfully trick Framton Nuttel?  In your opinion, is Vera justified in her treatment of Mr. Nuttel. Use at least two quotes from the story.  Highlight quotes in yellow.  Write your response in the document provided on Google Classroom.

    1.30.17 - Aim: To read and discuss a short story.  HW: Complete the short response questions for the story if necessary. 
    1/23 - 1/27 - Midterms Week - Classwork will consist of reading, answering questions for, and discussing short stories. 

    1.20.17 - Aim: Completing the midterm review  HW: Independent reading logs due next Friday, Jan. 27th.


    1.19.17 - Aim: To prepare for the first section of the midterm. HW: Independent reading logs due next Friday, Jan.27, on Google Classroom. 

    1.18.17 - Winter SRI 
    1.17.17 - Aim: To practice reading comprehension strategies.  HW: Have the folder with the two essays in it.

    1.13.17 - Aim: A Literature Circle activity, and independent reading.  HW: Independent Reading.  Be sure to have your IR and your Chromebook on Tuesday, the next SRI will be taken. 

    1.12.17 - Aim: The Captain Scott Presentations   HW: Bring your independent reading book with you tomorrow. 
    1.11.17 - The Documentary on Captain Robert Scott 
    1.10.17 - Aim: To apply what we’ve learned about Captain Scott to a presentation project.  HW: Complete the presentation if necessary. Complete the Literature Circle Survey, posted in G.C.
    1.09.17 - Aim: We will read and analyze a work of nonfiction.  HW: Independent Reading

    1.06.17 - Independent reading.   

    1.05.17 - Aim: To begin the Literature Circle Group Project.  HW: Complete today’s work if necessary.  Bring your Lit. Circle book with you to class. 
    1.04.17 - Homework: Become the barber, and write a one-paragraph journal entry in which you discuss your thoughts and feelings about the events of the short story. 
    1.03.16 -  Aim: We will read and analyze a short story.  Your Homework: Print out your personal narrative essay, and your shark mini-essay.  Put them in a folder.  Bring the folder to class tomorrow. 
    12.22.16 - Continue and complete the shark week unit mini-essay argument response 
    12.21.16 - Begin the shark week unit mini-essay argument response 
    12.20.16 - Great White shark documentary.  Take notes while watching. 
    12.19.16 - Aim: We will review the questions for “On Shark’s Tooth Beach,” and watch the end of the bull shark video, and read about one of the worst shark attack in history.  HW: IR
    12.16.16 - We will read a short story and answer comprehension and inferencing questions.  Finish for Monday if necessary.  Look in Google Classroom. 


    12.14.16 - 12.15.16 - Aim: - We will watch some clips from documentaries about sharks, and analyze the facts and myths we are presented with.  HW: continue independent reading. 
    12.13.16 - Aim: We will continue the Deadly Shark presentation.  HW: Complete the assigned readings from the packet, and filling in the chart.  
    12.12.16 - Aim: We will review the Eugenie Clark story, and swim on to something more deadly.  HW: Continue IR.  Continue adding myths and facts to the chart if necessary.
    12.09.16 - Aim: We will read a biographical sketch about a shark scientist.  HW: Finish reading the biography, and complete the question sheet in Google Classroom for Monday.  Both the story and the question sheet can be found on our Google Class site.
    12.08.16 - Aim: We dive into Shark Week!  HW: If necessary, complete the reading of the first section of the Shark Week packet (Shark Facts), and the graphic organizer that goes with it.
    12.05.16 - 12.07.16 - Students will be presenting their Prefix/Root/Suffix Project Slideshows.  HW - Continue independent reading. 

    12.01.16 - Aim: (Pds. 1,2,6) We will conduct the spelling bee!  OR:  (Pd. 7) We will go to the book fair, and then complete the word root project.   HW: IR 

    11.30.16 - Aim: We will continue with the word root project.

    11.29.16 - Aim: We will continue the word root project.


    11.28.16 - Aim: We will return to our roots.  Our word roots, that is.  HW: Continue independent reading. 


    11.21.16 - Aim: We will spend one final class period working on the final draft of the personal narrative essay.  Complete the final draft, and turn ONLY the final draft document in through Google Classroom.  If you have any confusion about this, I posted a video showing you how to do it. ALSO:Tomorrow, be sure to have the grading rubric, with your name clearly written at the top of it, to hand in to me. 


    11.18.16 - Aim: We will work independently and in pairs on completing an essay revision checklist.  HW: Keep working on revising your rough draft.  Final draft due by Tuesday of next week.  If you truly feel your final draft is complete, you may turn in the essay, HOWEVER, please first, watch the video on how to turn in the essay that I posted in Google Classroom.  Also, you will turn in the final draft to a newly posted assignment, not the one from the beginning of the week.  Click here for the video file download, or  Click the following link for the YouTube version of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFe0j9w8tfE.


    11.17.16 - Aim: We will continue writing the rough draft of the personal narrative essay.  HW: Continue working on rough draft.  Rough draft is due tomorrow.  Student who are out tomorrow for the Career Cafe, or any other reason, must still finish the rough draft, and complete the revision checklist for Monday.

    11.16.16 - Aim: We will continue writing the rough drafts of the personal narrative essay.  HW: Continue working on rough draft.  Rough draft is due on Friday.  

    11.15.16 - Aim: We will continue writing the rough drafts of the personal narrative essay.  HW: Continue working on rough draft.  Rough draft is due on Friday. 


    11.14.16 - Aim: We will check our outlines and prepare to begin writing the essay.  HW: Continue writing the rough draft.  Watch the video that is posted on our classroom page, it will be about writing the essay.  Bring headphones for tomorrow in case you’d like to view the video again, and/or listen to music while you write.  


    11.10.16 - Aim: We will understand sensory language, and use it to improve our writing on the personal narrative essay.  HW: Complete the essay outline graphic organizer handout.  This will be given to you in class and posted in G.C, along with a quick video in which I explain how to fill it out. 


    11.9.16 - Aim: We will learn how to write an effective “hook,” and create hooks for our personal narrative essays.  HW: Reading logs due tomorrow.  Be sure to have them printed out, with parental signatures.  ALSO: Have some ideas about your personal narrative written down.  


    11.07.16 - Aim: We will brainstorm and organize ideas for the personal narrative essay.  HW: Continue independent reading, continue thinking about the essay.


    11.04.16 - Aim: Looking at another personal narrative, and seeing our actual assignment.  HW: Make a list of at least five possible essay topics.  Continue independent reading.  


    11.03.16 - Aim: We will read examples of personal narrative essays to help us learn how to write our own.  HW: Enjoy family night! 


    11.02.16 - Aim: What is a personal narrative essay?  HW: Continue independent reading.  Reading logs due Thursday, Nov. 10th. 

    11.01.16 - Quiz on Nouns, Verbs, Subjects, Predicates, and Sentences 

    10.31.16 - Aim: Reviewing for tomorrow’s quiz.  HW: Study for tomorrow’s quiz.  You must have your Chromebook to take the quiz.  Make sure the battery is charged. 



    10.28.16 - Aim: Sharing paragraphs, and modifying our Chromebooks for future projects.  HW: Continue independent reading. 
    10.27.16 - Aim: Creating sentences that belong together.  HW: Complete the classwork if necessary.  Your Task: Working in groups of up to five people, you will create a paragraph of five sentences.  The sentences you compose must model the five sentences from Activity 4, Part 2.  One member will create a Google Doc., share it with the other members, then each member will contribute to the paragraph.  Highlight each sentence in a different color.  Write all the members’ names in the name of the Doc., and submit the completed document in Google Classroom. 

    10.26.16 - Aim: Imitating sentences. Homework: Activity 4, Part Two - Pgs. 21-22 (5 Sentences)  This assignment is posted in G.C. Create a new Google Doc to write your sentences in, rename the doc with your full name and the words “Activity 4, Part 2,” and submit the doc when you are done. 


    10.25.16 - Aim: Imitating Sentences  HW: Completing Activity 3:  1. Write out the scrambled parts in the correct order as a full sentence.  2. Create your own sentence that follows the “chunking” pattern of each of the unscrambled sentences.  Remember to place commas in the exact same spots as the model sentence.   

    10.24.16 - Aim: We will understand and imitate well-written sentences.
    10.21.16 - Aim: Reading and writing subjects and predicates.  HW: Continue independent reading.  Reading logs due Thursday, Nov. 11th

    10.20.16 - Aim: What are the parts of a sentence?  HW: In Google Classroom, complete activity 4 on page 9 of the sentence writing packet.

    10.19.16 - Aim: Catching up and moving on.  HW: Continue independent reading. 

    10.18.16 - In class today, students are taking the Reading Inventory reading comprehension test, formerly called the "SRI."





    10.13.16 - Aim: How can we turn ordinary writing into extraordinary writing?  HW: Finish the poem if necessary.


    10.07.16 - Aim: We continue to learn from established writers.  HW: Continue Independent reading  


    10.06.16 - Aim: What can we learn from established writers?  HW: (Google Classroom) ONE-PARAGRAPH RESPONSE: IF YOU COULD MEET AND SPEND TIME WITH ANYONE, LIVING OR DEAD, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  WHAT WOULD YOU DISCUSS? 

    10.05.16 - Aim: How do successful writers begin a project, and what can their habits teach us?  HW: (In GOOGLE CLASSROOM)ONE-PARAGRAPH RESPONSE: DESCRIBE THE PLACE WHERE YOU ARE MOST AT PEACE AND RELAXED.

    9.30.16 - Aim: How can we apply our knowledge of word roots in writing?  HW: Complete today’s classwork if it’s not finished in class.

    9.29.16 - Aim: We will continue learning about root words.  HW: (Google Classroom) Create six new sentences; two roots, two prefixes, two suffixes. 

    9.28.17 - Aim: Where does the English language come from, and how can I understand it better?  HW: In Google Classroom, create six original sentences; two containing a prefix, two containing a suffix, and two containing a word root.  Underline the prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

    9.27.16 Aim: Summer reading essays  HW: Continue independent reading. 

    9.26.16 - Aim: We will begin writing the summer reading essays.  Students who created a summer reading video may begin work for another class or read independently.  HW: Have Chromebooks and independent reading.  Think about what you will write to finish the essay during tomorrow’s class.


    9.23.16 - Aim: We will take the literary terms quiz.  HW: Prepare for summer reading essay on Monday.  Have your Chromebook, the book, notes, and independent reading with you.


    9.22.16 - Aim: We will review for tomorrow’s literary terms quiz.  HW: Have your Chromebooks.  Study for the quiz.  Have independent reading with you for after the quiz.  The literary terms packet can be found here.


    A Quick Note on the Summer Reading Essay:

    You are allowed to have the book with you, as well as any notes you might have taken while reading.  The Summer Reading assignment packet included several pages of note sheets (pgs. 15-22) which would be ideal to have completed copies of as a resource on the essay.  The packet can be found on the POBMS home page, and on my teacher website. 


    9.21.16 - Aim: What is the literary element of Theme, and how can we identify it in a work of literature?  HW: Complete “Theme” handout if necessary.  Continue studying for Friday’s literary terms quiz (have Chromebooks on Friday). 


    9.20.16 - Aim: How are the conflicts of “Broken Chain” resolved? HW: Complete conflict chart (if necessary), study for Friday’s quiz.   

    9.19.16 - Aim: How can we track the conflict in  the short story “Broken Chain”?  HW: Study for literary terms quiz (Friday).
    9.16.16 - Aim: How can we identify and analyze conflict in a short story?  HW:  Study for literary terms quiz (next Friday).  Add the term “Theme” to the list.
    9.15.16 - Aim: How can we better understand the literary element of Conflict?  HW: Continue independent reading.  Join Google Classroom. Study literary terms for next week’s quiz.







    Conflict (Five Kinds)






    Irony (Three Kinds)


    9.14.16 - Aim: To continue the literary terms art projects.  HW: Join our Google Classroom.  Continue independent reading.  Summer reading videos are due by Friday.   

    9.13.16 - Aim: How can we visualize some of the more common and useful literary terms?

    HW: Log in to your GAFE account and join our Google Classroom.

    Join Codes:

    9.12.16 - Aim: How will we use technology in our class?  HW: Log in to your GAFE account from home (computer, table, smartphone), and join our Google Classroom.  Be sure to use the correct join code based on the period when you have English class.
    Google Classroom Join Codes: 
    9.9.16 -  Aim: How can we review literary terms?  Homework: Have a great weekend, and have the four handouts, signed by student and parent(s), with you on Monday.
    9.8.16 - Aim: How can I become familiar with my new English class?  HW: Four signed handouts, due on Monday  
    9.7.16 -  Welcome to Mr. Loicano’s 7th Grade English Class.  Aim: How can we transition from summer vacation to our new school year?

    HW: Due Monday, 9.12.16 With your parents, read and sign the “Welcome” handout, the “Student Information” handout, the “Classroom Guidelines” and the “Academic Integrity” handout.
    Handouts will be distributed in class, but can also be downloaded here: