Mrs. Menashe and Ms. D
Cold War(Ch 27)Civil Rights Movement(Ch 28) and Vietnam (Chapter 29)Modern America(Chapter 30) Looking to the Future (Chapter 31)
Homework Reflections due every Tuesday; Homework Schedule Quarter 
Week 1, due date: 4/5    Cold War begins
Week 2, due date: 4/19  Korean War, 1950's home front, Berlin Wall
1950's Unit Test April 21
Week 3, due date 5/10  Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam
Week 4 due date: 5/17  Civil Rights Years
Change****Week 5, due date:6/2  Nixon, Ford, Carter ReaganYears
Change*****Week 6, due date: 6/9   HW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama
    Change****District Final is now Tuesday and Wednesday during class on June 14 and 15