Welcome to Project Challenge 2015-2016  

    Mrs. Engel and Ms. Winick 
    Contact :
    Mrs. Engel  434-3308  POBMS
    Ms. Winick  434-3250  Mattlin MS

    PC: A  Place where INQUIRY is valued and CREATIVITY is fostered !

    Learning is a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world.
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            Our program is designed to provide challenging academic experiences in an     intellectually and stimulating classroom environment.  Here, students are   encouraged to become motivated leaders, productive group members, proficient researchers, and curious, fun-loving children.
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    This year, in grades 4-6, we will continue to use EDMODO to enhance communication in Project Challenge.  This secure online learning community is being used by millions of educators and students. Students will have access to their individual accounts as well as the classroom group.   Parents are asked to join our Edmodo page by acquiring access from their child's private code, available on their sign-in page. Unlike your child, who can share with his group members, parents can only have access to their own child's postings and communications with the teacher.  
    Tutorials are available on the Edmodo website if you would like more information.