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    Topic 3:  Earth in the Universe

    Topic Outline: 

    Origin of the Universe

         -Proof of the Big Bang Theory

              *spectral line observations/Hubble’s Law

              *background microwave radiation

          -age of the universe


    Structure of the Universe

         - What is a galaxy?

         - Stars

              HR Diagram (ESRT p.15)

              life cycle


    Our Solar System

              - age of our solar system

              - ESRT p.15 (Solar System Data)

              - Celestial Objects: Planets, comets,

                   and meteors


    Kelplar’s Contribution

       -3 Laws

      -Ellipse and Eccentricity (ESRT p. 1)         



    Review Book Homework:

    HW#8- Big Bang & Stars     Due : ___________

    read p. 38-44

    Do p. 40, #1-6 and p.44-45 #7-23


    HW#9- Solar System             Due : __________

    read p.45-47

    Do p.47 #24-29


    HW#10- Planets & Eccentricity    Due: __________

    read p. 48-50

    Do p. 51-52, #30-50


    Online Homework:


    Universe Scale and Structure  w/worksheet

                                           Due: 10/16


    How Do We Study the Stars? w/worksheet

                                           Due: 10/18



    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Doppler Shift of Galaxies

       Classification of Galaxies

       Star Classification

       8-3 Ellipses









    Origin of the Universe

                                   Date:  _______________


     Lab Quiz: Star Classification

                                   Date:  _______________


     Topic 3- Earth in the Universe

                                          Date: ___________





    Topic 2: Measuring Earth

    Topic Outline:

    Earth's Shape and Evidence

    Spheres of the Earth 

       - Atmosphere (ESRT p. 14),      Hydrosphere, Lithosphere (ESRT p.1)

       - Composition of Spheres (ESRT p. 1)

     Earth’s Coordinate System

      (Latitude & Longitude/Time Zones)

     Field Maps

        - Drawing and Reading isolines

        - Gradient (ESRT p. 1)

     Contour Maps

       - reading a contour map

       - drawing a profile

       - Gradient (ESRT p. 1)




    HW#5-Spheres of Earth & Shape  Due: 9/28            RB p. 18-20 Do #1-17 p.20-21


    HW#6-Coordinate System   Due: 10/4

    RB p.22-24 Do #18-30 p. 24-25


    HW #7- Fields & Mapping   Due: 10/12

       RB p.26-30 Do #31-34 p.27 and

                              #35-48 p.31


    Online Homework:

    Shape of the Earth Video w/worksheet Due: 9/25 


    Class Assignments/Labs:


       1-2: Earth’s Shape

       1-4: Constructing a Field Map

       Topo Maps Lab







     Lab Quiz 1-2 Earth’s Shape: Fri., 9/29


     Lat/Long/Time Quiz: Thurs.,10/5


     Lab Quiz 1-4 Field Maps: _________                             


    ESRT Test #1 Wed., 9/27

    Topics 1 & 2: Fri., 10/13


    Topic 1: Introduction 

    Topic Outline:

    Observations and Inferences

     Percent Deviation (% Error)

     Measurement Review



        -Relative Density

        -temperature and pressure changes

        -size and shape changes


    Rate of Change

        -formula (ESRT p. 1)


          Cyclic, Static, Direct, Inverse



    HW#1- Classroom Policies & Safety Contract  Due 9/8                                                       

    HW#2- Observation/% Deviation/Density Due 9/13

    Read Review Book p: 2-4

     Do #1- 9 on p. 4-5    and Read  p. 5-6

    Do # 10-18  on p. 7             


    HW#3 - Rate of Change   Due 9/19

    Read RB p. 7-9   Do # 19-28 p. 10-11


    HW #4 – Human Interaction   Due: _____

    Read RB p. 11-12     Do # 29-39 p. 12


    Online Homework:

    Density w/worksheet       Due 9/11  

           Go to teacher website, on left side click "Online HW" tab, click on the title of the video assigned. Watch video and fill in worksheet as you watch. You should pause and re-watch when necessary to make sure you fully understand the information.


    Beginners  Guide to Graphing  Due: _____

         w/worksheet   completed as classwork



    Class Assignments/Labs:


    P-3: Graph Analysis





    Lab Quiz P-1: Density   Friday, 9/15

    Lab Quiz P-3: Graph Analysis Wed, 9/20



     ESRT Test #1 Wed., 9/27