• Fifth Grade Orchestra

    Welcome to orchestra.  I'm looking forward to an excellent year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.



    Welcome to the Mattlin Middle school 5th grade orchestra!

      Practice assignments have been posted to Google classroom. Please make sure to take a look at them so that you will be prepared for your next lesson

    • Reminders: Lessons are an important part of learning to play an instrument and attendance is required.  Please see the attached schedules for the third and fourth quarter :  Monday schedule     Wednesday schedule      Thursday schedule
    • NYSSMA is around the corner.  Please be sure to purchase two original parts.  Many students are looking for the same pieces so don't wait until last minute.  It may be difficult to find the longer you wait. 



    Orchestra rehearsals take place during 9th period on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

    The first rehearsal is on September 16th. Be sure you know your late bus.  


    School owned cellos and basses are available for a small rental fee, which includes an instrument for school and one for home. Information regarding the school instrument rental procedure will be handed out in the first lesson. We will be using "My School Bucks" for the school instrument rental process.  Please click the link for directions   My school bucks online rental process


    Violinists and violists should have an appropriatly sized instrument in good working order.  Please check that your vendor has provided you a bow with full, clean hair. You will also need a quality shoulder rest.  I recommend something along the lins of a Kun or Everest brand that is adjustable. Any shoulder rest is acceptable so long as your child is able to hold up the instrument with no hands easily. 


     winter Please be sure to treat your instrument kindly during the winter months. They prefer the same living conditions that you do. Neither too hot or cold and moderate humidity.  


    Spring Concert date is April 30th, 2020               30th music theory  www.musictheory.net  is a website that enables students to practice note reading and rhythms.

    Directions for music theory. net practice: To practice note reading, click on exercises and then note identification. Click on the tools symbol on the top right corner to change to the appropriate clef. Cello uses bass clef, viola uses alto clef and violins use the treble clef. Be sure to turn off any clefs that you do not want. You can also change the range of the notes (high or low) so that you focus on the areas you want to practice. 

    Take good care of your instrument

    Clean the rosin off of the instrument and strings with a dry, soft cloth after each use.

    Never use a detergent or wood polish on your instrument.

    Extreme temperature changes  can cause trouble with wooden instruments.  Please check your instrument for open seams, out of place bridges, and bow hair conditions. If you see something that looks "off" please bring it to my attention so that I can give tell you whether it's something I can address or whether you need to take it to your rental location for repair.  

    The 5th grade orchestra will be joining the orchestra class on Google Classroom. Please have your child check weekly for homework assignments and handouts. 

     Homework assignments 
     All homework assignments may be found on Google Classroom 
     Spring lesson schedules may be found on Google Classroom or by following the link below.  Hard copies are on the Orchestra News bulletin board.
     Extra help is available by appointment during the rec part of lunch on Tuesday and Thursday as I am not in the building during period 9. I am here to help :)
     Grades  Report card grades are determined by participation in lessons and orchestra rehearsals, preparation (instrument and music present ) and periodic assessments of progress. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding grades.