• Being in Charge of The 2011-2012 Chapter




    A new chapter of your child’s life is within sight. There are many significant developmental changes that are about to happen. The question is…


    How are we, as the adults, going to steer the children into making positive choices and changes?



    Parents/Guardians and Howard B. Mattlin Middle School must work hand in hand on this precious project. This is what MAP  (Middle School Advisory Program) is all about


    MAP has many goals.


    · To ensure that each student is known well at school by at least one adult who is that child’s advocate, thereby providing a safe haven for all students.


    · To help students develop positive character traits and discover what is unique about themselves and others so that they come to respect, value and appreciate the many differences among people.


    · To create a community environment that cultivates healthy, positive peer relationships.




    Each month, you will see in your child’s agenda, a character trait which is being highlighted at school. Point it out to your child and discuss the ideas stated in the agenda.

    Refer to this site each month. Activities will also be available for you to use to enhance this trait.


    Let us continue with a positive partnership to helping the children to grow into children we can all be proud of!