• Supplies

    These are the supplies you will bring to class everyday:

    1 inch looseleaf binder.

    2 pens or pencils

    3 highlighters

    Classroom Behavior

    Students are expected to be punctual, prepared, and follow the 3 R's (Respect yourself, Respect others, and Responsibility for your actions.) Active listening is an important behavior in the classroom. Participating in discussions and taking good notes can show active listening skills.

    The most important behavior for this class is for all students to try to do their best.

    Grading Policy

    Tests, Quizzes, Projects          75%

    (Tests will count twice as much as quizzes. Projects will vary.)

    Homework                                  25%

    (Each assignment receives a grade based upon completion

    Of assignment. "100" if all complete, "50" if incomplete, "0" if

    Not handed in or poor attempt to complete)

    No assignments will be accepted late. (Except for internet or signed

    quizzes and tests. Those will have up to 3 days to be completed)

    Homework assignments will be posted daily online on the school's website under my name.