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Spirit Week Events!

POBMS had a successful Spirit Week from February 6-10, 2012! Thank you to all of the students that particpated in the various events that took place. The week culminated in an assembly on Friday during Extended MAP for all students. At the assembly, the POBMS Hawkeyes were introduced to the students, as natural helpers in the building. These twenty-four students are available to assist any students that may need help from a peer! Also, student made Public Service Announcements that focused on being an upstander were played for the students. You can see the links below. Mr. Reinbold's Reading and Writing Film club also produced a POBMS orignal movie that was shared that morning.
Congratulations to Our Winning Groups
Public Service Announcements
1. Mr. Iorio's MAP
2. Mrs. Infranca's MAP
3. Mrs. Quinones' and Mrs. Grund's MAP
Honorable Mention: Mr. Korn and Mrs. Lovett
A sample of some of the public service announcements:

Mrs. Grund and Quinones' MAP PSA

Decorating Contest
1. Mrs. Sumod's MAP
2. Mrs. Campana's MAP
3. Mrs. Sabino's MAP
Honorable Mention: Mr. Monteforte and Mrs.O'Brien
Mr. Monteforte Mrs. Sabino Mrs. Campana Mrs. O'Brien Mrs. Sumod