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Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week 2016


This year, Digital Citizenship Week will be held November 14th-18th  as part of an initiative to educate students and continue the dialogue in our community surrounding responsible and informed internet usage. At H.B. Mattlin Middle School, we intend to draw attention to a number of topics including Understanding your Digital Footprint, Creating a Digital Resume, The Appropriate Use of Social Media, and Cyberbullying. These topics will be addressed through grade-level assemblies from Theatre Three Productions , presentations by specially trained youth  Police Officer Groshans, and our very own high school Peer Mentors.  Our schools will also be participating in MAP activities, and structured learning stations in the Library. The internet and technology can be a wonderful source of connection, information, and culture. We hope that all of our students will learn how to be a mindful citizen of the digital world and take the time to slow down and…


                                                                 T  Is it True?

                                                                 H Is it Helpful?

                                                                  I   Is it Inspiring?

                                                                 N  Is it Necessary?

                                                                 K  Is it Kind?  


Grade Level Themes

Grade 5 - Understanding Your Digital Footprint

Grade 6 - Appropriate Use of Social Media (THINK)

Grade 7 - Cyberbullying

Grade 8 - Creating a Positive Digital Resume


Below is our timeline of events for the week.  


Monday, November 14th - Police Officer Groshans will be presenting to our 6th & 7th graders regarding the legal implications and dangers of inappropriate internet, cellphone and social media usage.  

When: Period 4 (11:09 - 11:50)

Location: LGI

Officer Groshans will also be presenting to the parents of our district on Monday night.

When: 7:00pm

Location: JFKHS


Tuesday, November 15th - Theatre Three will be performing “Class Dismissed: The Bullying Project”  for our 5th grade students.  

When: End of Period 3 - Beginning of Period 5 (11:04 - 11:54)

Location: LGI


Wednesday, November 16th - The High School Peer Mentors will be presenting to our 8th graders regarding the positive ways students can use social media.  

When: Period 3 (10:24 - 11:05)

Location: LGI


Thursday, November 17th - Extended MAP Day - MAP groups will be provided with activities related to the themes of Digital Citizenship Week

In addition, all video contest entries are due.


Friday, November 18th - Video Contest Winners will be announced, the video will be provided to faculty and staff so it can be played during MAP.  


Dress up Days for Faculty, Staff and Students

Monday: THINK about your future  - Wear college/university gear

Tuesday: Download Music Safely - Wear a music T-Shirt

Wednesday: Put Cyberbullying to Bed - Wear your pajamas to school

Thursday: Slow down and THINK - Stand United for DC Week - Wear yellow to school

Friday: Show your PRIDE in Digital Citizenship Week - Wear your Mattlin PRIDE T-Shirt


Additional Activities:
1. Digital Passport Activities in the Library for Grades 5 & 6 - Contact Victoria Rosenthal with questions

2. Video Contest