At each Plainview-Old Bethpage school, there are a number of art displays and gallery spaces full of student work.  These spaces allow students to view their work throughout the school, and encourage them to be more involved in the Arts.  We encourage you to browse the following photo galleries, and experience the student artwork yourself.  We also hope you have the pleasure of viewing this work in person the next time you visit a Plainview-Old Bethpage School.  
Thank you to all the teachers who curate these displays and galleries throughout our schools.
- Ben D. Wiley
Director of Fine Arts and Digital Instruction
Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District 

John F. Kennedy High School
Current Gallery Exhibition: Sculpture & Ceramics Art Installation

 H.B. Mattlin Middle School 

 Plainview-Old Bethpage Middle School 

 Old Bethpage Elementary School

 Parkway Elementary School

 Pasadena Elementary School

 Stratford Road Elementary School

Kindergarten Center School