Fifth Grade Orchestra

Welcome to orchestra.  I'm looking forward to an excellent year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Great concert 5th Grade Orchestra!  You should be very proud of your work.
Our next concert is on May 15th and you will be getting new music this week.   
NYSSMA time is here:  Please be sure to turn in the NYSSMA sign up form with your check to reserve a time to play at the festival.  NYSSMA participation is entirely voluntary but please give some thought to participating. 
 For those of you who do decide to participate, please make sure you obtain two original sets of music.  The NYSSMA policy does not permit students to perform from photo copied music. 
 Homework assignment due 1/12  
 Please click the link  for the current
5th grade orchestra homework
Each homework assignment gives details regarding what to focus on however, please check to make sure you are working to your best ability by checking the rubric.  Each practice session should bring you farther along on the rubric.   performance rubrics
Please click the links below to listen to your orchestra pieces:
Homework assignments can be found on the stand near the backpack cubbies just outside that classroom.  
 Extra help is available by appointment during the beginning of lunch on Tuesday and Thursday as I am not in the building during period 9.
 Grades Please note if your child's grade is on the low side, they have likely not turned in their instrument responsibility waiver.  Extras are available in the classroom.  Report card grades are determined by participation in lessons and orchestra rehearsals, preparation (instrument and music present ) and periodic assessments of progress. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding grades.
Spring Concert information 
Orchestra groups will be performing on May 15, 2017 at 7PM
please arrive at 6:30 PM for tuning and warm up 
There will be a school assembly on the same day 
Concert rehearsal information: Stage rehearsal #1
                                                  Stage rehearsal #2 
                                                  Morning assembly reporting time is Monday, May 15th, period - in the orchestra room.  
                                                            You must arrive to school dressed in your concert attire. The program begins period-
Concert attire:  Dark pants, white top, boys long tie, dark shoes.  Please no flip flops or sneakers.  
 Fall  lesson schedules-click on the link below to see your schedule.
Weekly Assignments
Student homework sheets are available on the stand just outside the orchestra classroom
Homework sheets are checked weekly
Assignments are from the workbook, and orchestra music

  Orchestra Supplies for a successful experience
                                                                     instrument in good working order
                                                                     shoulder rest ( for violinists and violists)
                                                                     1/2 inch binder or folder
                                                                     cleaning rag
                                                                     spare set of strings 
                                                                     music stand for home practice

 Listen to your orchestra music by clicking on the links below: